Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Should I buy this?

My fren asked me to buy this book.

Haha..Funny.90 minutes is too long.Can I make it to few seconds ? :P

Friday, December 10, 2010


Tadi dpt msg ni kt Hp.No sender die -->+62 853 42265491

Msg berbunyi :-

Ni ayah lg meminjam Hp kwan.Sla beli topup RM30,msg shja no gorsnya ke No bru ayah0178907102
Ayah lg ad maslah kat blai polis,tak pyah dl tlpn,nnt ayah tlpn.cpt

Tapi masalahnya :-
1) Ayah nak topup maxis ke digi ke celcom ke?
2) Kenapa ayah berbahasa Indon ni?
3) Ayah buat ape kt balai polis ni?

Siot la ko menipu..hoi..ayah aku da lama meninggal la..bangang!

P/s: Al-fatihah :(

Friday, December 3, 2010

Late Coming

Dpt emel dr bos pagi tadi..
The information below was handed down to us from our IT Admin / HR who is monitoring our Late Comings
Below are the number of your late comings, based on the late coming report from July 2010 - November 2010
With Permission - 0 Without Permission - 3
(Reference to details of your Late Coming record i.e. date & time can be obtained upon request from our Section Rep)

Main reasons stated for comming late was LRT Delay.

However, there has been some improvement lately and please keep it up. Since there is NO EXCUSE to those who report late due to LRT delays (and traffic jams) we have been asked to advise you to re-schedule your travel plans accordingly.

Masalahnye late coming tu bukannye kata lewat setgh jam or 15mins ke..ni lewat dlm 5mins je.
Apekah lah kn?

Haih..manusia ni mcm2.Polisi cam mengarut2 je la.


Are you delusional?

Atau awk memang betul2 gf die?